Revolyzer 3TS

revolyzer 3ts

The 3TS is a 48 cage automated rack-mounted voluntary running measurement system. A touch screen panel PC, industry standard equipped with MS Windows and integrated recording software.

Revolyzer Desktop

Revolyzer Desktop

Desktop system featuring two or three or more running wheel cages and with full functionality like the 3TS.


Revolyzer Enclosure

Best protection of animals against environmental infuences and full functionality of the REVOLYZER. Set light cycles independent of room lighting.

Accessory and spare parts

Running wheel for mouse

running wheel for mouse

Wheel mount

Wheel mount

Wheel running cage

Wheel running cage

How to get a REVOLYZER in use

Buy a REVOLYZER – get your own. Benefit from the unique features: efficiency, user-friendliness, precision and robustness.

Rent a REVOLYZER – the flexible alternative

Order a study using the REVOLYZER – the comfortable way. Benefit from the revolutionary REVOLYZER and our extensive experience in performing voluntary wheel running studies for years.